Terms And Conditions

Welcome to walayem.com website and our applications hereinafter referred to (as "the Service” or “Our Services”). This page, with all the documents referred to, explains to you the terms and conditions thereunder the partner restaurants and home cooking partners will provide you with their meals (hereinafter referred to as “the Meal") through this website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and read well before accepting it and before ordering any meal from our website. By entering to our website and ordering your meal, it means that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy.
If you have any inquiries related to these terms and conditions, please contact us on our e-mail contact@walayem.com. Before ordering your meal, if you do not fully agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use our services, and you should not use any of the available services or any website linked to them.
  Use of our Service(s)
Your access to our website or our service is permitted for a temporary period, and we may withdraw or amend the extent of your access to our website or our service without prior notice (as detailed below). We will not bear any responsiblity if, for any reason, any or all of the services are unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may limit the access of some areas of our website or our service to our registered users only. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login information and all activities that occur under your account. If you have any questions about your login information or if you feel that they have been misused, you should inform us immediately by via email
Knowing that we have the ability to disable your account at any time in case you misuse the website.
Terms and Conditions of the Service:
      1. Contractual Relationship:
        The following terms of service constitute a legally binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and WALAYEM BROKERAGE SERVICES L.L.C, a company headquartered in United Arab Emirates, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Sector E 18/3, in front of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Al Amthal St, registered with Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development under license number CN-2888883. WALAYEM is a brokerage services company where the food and the meal will be prepared by the home food partners and the independent restaurants referred to as (“Cooking Partners”), and the delivery shall be our mission. Your access and use of the WALAYEM website and application shall constitute your agreement to be bound by this agreement, which establishes a contractual relationship between you and WALAYEM. WALAYEM may immediately terminate this Agreement with you, or generally susspend provideing or deny access to the services of WALAYEM Application or any portion thereof, at any time for any reason without prior notice.
      2. The Purpose of the Website:
        The purpose of our services is to provide you with a simple and convenient service, by linking you with home cooking partners and partner restaurants licensed to sell prepared foods and drinks, whether hot or cold, as well as displaying a list of home foods and prepared foods and drinks by independent restaurants and allowing you to order meals from them. WALAYEM markets restaurant meals, home food and cold and hot drinks on behalf of home chefs and restaurants, carries out orders, and delivers the order to you at the correct address that you will send to us.
      3. WALAYEM Website and Application:
        It provides you with the service of ordering and delivering home meals and drinks from independent restaurants in the United Arab Emirates. Home cooking and restaurant partners have a specific delivery area, in order to ensure that meals are delivered to you in best condition. If you live outside the delivery areas, a message will appear on the screen alerting you that ordering via the internet is not possible, we do not accept orders from individuals from an area that not included in the scope of our service delivery. As for the working hours, it will vary depending on the local commercial conditions and subject to the availability of our services. In the event that our services are not available, a message will appear on the website that our services are not available and we are not able to receive any communications or provide any of our services. After you agree to these terms and conditions and privacy policy, please click on the link to view the food menus on our services, then by clicking on the menu you choose, you agree to the menu you want to order, and please click on “Submit Order”.
      4. WALAYEM Responsibility:
        Knowing that the WALAYEM website only markets, displays, sells and delivers meals to you, and does not cook or prepare any food that is prepared in home or restaurant partners, and that the previously mentioned cooking partners are solely responsible for the standards of compliance with the laws, regulations, statutes and standards applied in the country, such as those related to food safety, health and hygiene. However, it is necessary for WALAYEM to inform and explain that to users, as there is legally binding agreement between WALAYEM and the cooking partners regarding all health, safety and food quality procedures. Cooking partners and restaurants are solely responsible for any breach of standards and specifications, if any.
      5. When you submit an order through our service,
        you will receive an email thanking you for submitting the order through our website and confirming the safe receipt and acceptance of your order. This message is sent from us on behalf of the cooking partners and our partner restaurants. Please make sure that you provide us with your correct email and phone number as they will be the primary means for us to communicate with you. Please also make sure of the address that you will provide and send to us to ensure that your meals reach the correct place. If you do not open the door or answer the phone 5 minutes after the delivery agent arrives at your address, we are entitled to leave, and you will bear the cost of the meal. WALAYEM seeks to provide you with a high quality service and will be in contact with you in the event that there is a problem with your order regarding the quality of the food or its temperature. We monitor our cooking partners and partner restaurants closely and it is extremely important that they meet our standards and help us maintain our reputation. Please inform us if you have any comments related to a failure or delay in the order on the part of the cooking partners, our partner restaurants, the delivery agent, or any defect in the meals, you can contact us by e-mail or phone call.
      6. Meals Delivery Period:
        All home-cooked meals that will be prepared from home cooking partners and also that will be prepared from partner restaurants will be displayed on WALAYEM website and application. As for home cooking partners, it will be prepared for delivery period of no less than (24) hours, and in case you want a longer period, you must inform us during sending the order and send an email including the period during which the meal is to be delivered or call directly on the phone number avaliable on WALAYEM website. For restaurants, you specify the length of time you want to receive the meal, which will not be less than two hours from the time of submitting your order.
      7. Meal Inclusions:
        Cooking partners and our partner restaurants can use may while preparing specific meals. Please contact us and inform us before ordering if you have any allergies. WALAYEM website does not guarantee that any of the meals sold by cooking partners and our partner restaurants are free of allergens, nor does WALAYEM website guarantee that the food is gluten-free or lactose-free. However, WALAYEM will not be liable or responsible for any food or services provided by restaurants that are unhealthy, cause injury or are unacceptable to buyers and customers or that do not meet the expectations of buyers in any way. Users are solely responsible for the correctness of the delivery addresses, and WALAYEM shall not have any obligation or liability for any wrong addresses.
      8. Availability and Delivery:
        Our goal is to provide the best possible delivery service, but unfortunately things sometimes go wrong, for example, some traffic congestion or weather conditions may sometimes prevent us from achieving our goal in this regard. We will always do our utmost to ensure that your meal will arrive at the time specified on the e-mail and application. With regard to the delivery time specified for you, the number of orders we received, as well as the circumstances that our cooking partners and partner restaurants may face at this time have been taken into account. The shown delivery time may be 60 minutes, for example, is the average delivery time for delivery from partner restaurants and this period is not fixed, as it may be more or less than the specified time depending on the restaurant and the road conditions. On the other hand, the expected delivery time specified for you is not fixed and it may be less or more by (15) minutes. If you order your meal from the home cooking partners, the delivery time for the order, as mentioned before, will not be less than (24) hours, and this is the time it takes to cook and prepare the meal, but the delivery will be on the exact time that you will specify. The customers and buyers are solely responsible for the correctness of the delivery addresses, and (WALAYEM) will not have any obligation or liability for any wrong addresses.
      9. Cancellation:
        You may cancel your order within (5) five minutes from the time of submitting the order and before starting to prepare it. WALAYEM will consider any canceled order by you as unsuccessful if the order is initiated by the home cooking partners or the partner restaurants. Customers must cancel their order by phone. WALAYEM, home cooking partners and partner restaurants are entitled to cancel any order, and you will be notified of that when the order is canceled, and the reason for the cancellation shall be given. You will not bear the costs of cancelation of the order in this regard. When you cancel any order from WALAYEM while using one of the payment methods (visa card - credit card - cash), the amount will be returned in the same way that it was paid, and if the payment method was not in cash, we will return the amount within 7 working days. If the order is processed and the customer cancels it, he/ she will bear its cost. WALAYEM is the only entity that determines whether an order is processed or not.
      10. Price and Payment:
        The price of any meal will be found on our services and our website. Prices will vary among food menus and may change at any time, but the change will not affect the order of which you received the confirmation message, except in the case of a clear price error, we will inform you as soon as possible. Payment for all orders will be made by electronic payment, debit card or credit card. Upon confirming your order, the debit card, credit card, visa card or master card will be debited, and you can also pay upon delivery, if you wish. We will collect the electronic payment amount through our website. After you agree to submit the meal order, the exact amount will be deducted for the specific meal that you have chosen. We have the permission from and agreement with the home cooking partners and the partner restaurants to accept the amount of payment on their behalf, and your payment of any amount to us will save you from a commitment to pay this amount to them.
      11. Our Liability:
        To the extent permitted by law, "WALAYEM" provides the service and the content on an "as is" and "as available" basis, and we do not have any kind of representation or guarantee as to the content or availability of the service or that it will be free from deficts or that it will be corrected. WALAYEM shall not have any liability for any direct, indirect, special or common losses by consequences existed inside or outside the contract, or caused by your use or your inability to use our service. In the event that WALAYEM website or the cooking partners and the partner restaurants had a liability towards you, our overall liability will be limited to the prices of the meals that you purchased in your order, this does not include or limit the liability of the home cooking partners and the partner restaurants for any illegal matter, as all liability falls on them, for example, in the event of death or personal injury caused as a result of negligence, fraud or false statements from the part of home cooking partners or partner restaurants, or in any case of poisoning, the home cooking partners and partner restaurants solely will be responsible for these consequences and violations. Knowing that there are agreements, contracts, terms and other regulations between us and the cooking partners, and we will provide you with all the data you need about the cooking partners including but not limited to: (1. Providing you with the name and address of home cooking partners or partner restaurants upon your request. 2. Submitting the original joint contracts between WALAYEM and home cooking partners and partner restaurants and submitting all contracts to the UAE courts or the judicial and official authorities. WALAYEM may not refrain from submitting these originals of joint contracts.
      12. Events Beyond our Control
        Neither party shall be responsible against the other for delaying or non-performance of its obligations, under this agreement, for any reason beyond our control, and this includes, without limitation, any of the following: Fate, government action, war, fire, flood, explosion or civil unrest. For the avoidance of doubt, there is nothing in Clause 10 that could excuse the customer of any payment obligations under this Agreement.
      13. Severability of the Clauses:
        If any clause is judged to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining clauses shall be effectively enforced and the agreement shall not be affected.
      14. Entire Agreement:
        The aforementioned terms and conditions cover all the terms of the agreement between the two parties regarding its subject matter and it shall cancel any previous agreements, arrangements or understandings with regard to the stipulated subject.
      15. Our right to change the Terms and Conditions and amend the Terms of Use
        WALAYEM may review these terms of use at any time and subsequently amend this page. Any change to these terms shall be binding for you, therefore, you are expected to visit this page from time to time to be aware of any changes.Walayem provides access to its website, so when you enter our website and submit your order, this means that you agree to the terms of use or any terms, policies or other information related to Walayem’s electronic services, which are subject to update or amend at any time without prior notice. The terms, policies and information that have been amended will enter into force as soon as they are published on the Walayem services website, unless it is decided otherwise. Therefore, please re-read these terms whenever you log into Walayem App to ensure that you are aware of all the new terms. Accordingly, your continued access to and use of the Walayem application and its electronic services implies your acceptance of the terms that have been amendend.
      16. Law and Competent Authority:
        The courts of the United Arab Emirates are the competent authority
        in any civil or criminal dispute or claim arising or related to these terms and conditions or their subject matter (including non-contractual disputes or allegations), and it will be judged in accordance with the law in the United Arab Emirates.
      17. Acceptable Use of our Services:
        You may use our service for legal reasons only. You may not use our website or our service in any way that violates any local or international law, or send, receive, upload, use or reuse any material that does not comply with the standards of our services. You also agree not to enter any part of our website or our service without permission, or interfere with, destroy or disrupt it or any network or equipment we use in our service. By entry to the website you agreement not to do any of the following. Distorting, altering or interfering with the "form and content" or the contents of Walayem website and application or any websites linked to it or the main source of the program.
      18. Interactive Features of our Website:
        From time to time, we may provide certain interactive features that will allow you to interact through our website or our service, such as chat rooms. If we decide to supervise an interactive service, we will explain that to you before you use the service and we will provide you with the means to communicate with the supervisor in the event of any problem or difficulty.
      19. Protecting our Website:
        Doing anything that will or may cause harm to the working mechanism of the materials available on Walayem website or application, or disrupt access to it, or interrupt or destroy its work, as well as downloading any material that contains computer viruses, or any similar programs or files designed to interrupt or destroy the function of any software or equipment, in addition to sending, distributing, or uploading abusive, twisted, or ethnically rejected material, or information that contains defamation, slander, libel, or offensive, immoral, racist, unlawful, obscene, harmful or threatening material or other illegal materials, in addition to sending a series of worthless letters or postal messages, intrusive materials, or any other forms of messages, or broadcasting any material that you are not entitled to transmit under any law or contractual relationship, or using our services to commit any criminal act or encouraging others to participate in any behavior can constitute a criminal act or cause civil obligations.Accessing or attempting unauthorized access to Walayem services or trying to access an account of one of the members on Walayem website, impersonating others, misrepresenting your association with another person, or trying to access the Walayem website in the name of any other person. You acknowledge that you will not use an abusive name as your user’s name and will not send any material that violates the intellectual property rights of others, or does anything that constitutes a breach of the intellectual property rights of Walayem or others or causes harm. Likewise, not to do anything illegal or expose Walayem to liability, and any correspondence or borrowed addresses must not be contrary to the regulations, public morals, good behavior and the laws in force in the country, and you are obligated not to harass or threaten other members of the website. The user is also obligated not to use any advertisements or commercial purposes without obtaining the consent of the Walayem. Walayem may monitor all the systems at any time and will use its system for commercial purposes, and it is only permitted to do so. It is forbidden to send any information by e-mail that is legally prohibited or to distribute any unauthorized messages such as chain mail messages, malware, etc., or to record and misuse any personal information of others, or to download or transmit viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files, and/ or to cause harm or breach the security of the website, software services, or devices connected to the system, accounts, passwords, or servers.
        In the event that it appears to Walayem that you have violated one of these conditions or demonstrated inappropriate behavior during your use of the electronic services, then Walayem is entitled to issue a warning to you that you have violated these conditions and ask you to stop such behavior and is entitled to delete any harmful or abusive materials or content you sent without notifying you, or take legal action against you.
      20. Intellectual Property
        The information available on the WALAYEM website is protected by copyright laws except as otherwise noted. Names, images, logos and food menus from which people, customers, and consumers know the services of WALAYEM or any other party like the cooking partners and restaurants, in addition to its information, materials and services, are property marks of the WALAYEM website only. It is also prohibited to copy or use the WALAYEM application logo without their prior consent.
      21. Use of the Website by Minors:
        All minor users (generally under 18 years of age) must obtain permission from their guardian, and they are supervised directly by their guardian or father or mother when using the website, so if you are an underage, your guardian / one of your parents / must read and review this agreement before you use the WALAYEM website.
      22. Indemnity:
        In the event of your misuse stipulated in Clause No. (19), you will indemnify and pay for all expenses, damages and losses that you have caused to it and as a result of your violation of any of these restrictions. WALAYEM will cooperate fully with any law enforcement agencies or court decisions that ask us or direct us to declare the identity or location of any person who publishes any material in violation of the above-mentioned paragraphs.
      23. Disclaimer
        Hereby you expressly understand and agree that your use of the WALAYEM website and its applications and any materials available through it is at your sole risk. Also, the WALAYEM website does not guarantee that the electronic services will not be interrupted or that they are free from problems, deletions or errors, nor does it provide you with any guarantee regarding the results that you may get as a result of your use of the services. Finally, we offer you our electronic services with its contents and mechanism of action within the limits permitted by law and without any guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implicit.
        I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the WALAYEM website and app
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