e-EMPOWER is a Khalifa Fund initiative promoting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in Abu Dhabi brought to you in partnership with Walayem.ae.

This is a great opportunity for you if you are any of the following businesses registered  in Abu Dhabi:

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e-EMPOWER is an online portal designed to offer SMEs in Abu Dhabi the resources they need to power their business and continue to grow online.

Using WALAYEM edge technology, and in the frame of e-EMPOWER program, Abu Dhabi food sellers are able now to easily acquire an effective online existence, We provide you with a digital menu for online ordering, payment and delivery logistics with a dedicated support from Walayem experts.

  • Branded Domain
  • Categorized and manageable Menu with unlimited Products
  • Order management and tracking
  • Online Payment and Delivery integration
  • Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google Analytics
  • Sales reports

Digital Menu with QR Code to enhance your existance on your tables, shopfront and customers mobiles.

Transform your social media account to your online shop and start receiving onlline payments immediately

Delivery services and other logistics related to food sales and delivery

Exclusive advantages for Abu Dhabi registered businesses

For Restaurants and local kitchens
Registered Abu Dhabi Restaurants who are interested in enrolling e-EMPOWER will be entitled to many exclusive advantages:

  • Special annual package: 4 months free for annual subscription
  • Printed QR Stickers to use on tables and shopfront.
  • A Hotline for a dedicated support
  • Digital Marketing training for the employees
  • Growth Consultancy session
  • Marketing Kit
  • Practical Training
For Home Businesses

Registered Abu Dhabi home businesses who are interested in enrolling e-EMPOWER will be entitled to many exclusive advantages:

  • Free starter package (Branding support: Logo, packaging and menu design)
  • Free listing and support on Walayem Mobile App
  • Exceptional free use for the branded digital menu
  • Free Marketing Training
  • Free Food Production Training
  • Exceptional use for the branded digital menu

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Digital Menu

These are some samples of how your digital menu will look like.


What is e-EMPOWER?

Developed by Khalifa Fund in partnerhsip with Walayem.com, e-EMPOWER is a special package consists of an affordable ordering system and online menu for Abu Dhabi based food businesses who wants to start or grow their online existance. a good chance to minimize commission based orders and start building digital marketing experience within your restaurant or home business. 

By subscription, we will provide you with the tools and experience for online selling and customers loyality management. your customers journey will be enriched by an easily reachable On-Mobile menu, online payment and QR Codes for your shopfront and packaging.

Who is running e-EMPOWER?

This is a program run by Khalifa Fund in partnership with Walayem.com.

Who can participate?

This program is exclusively for businesses registered in Abu Dhabi. You will need to provide your Abu Dhabi business license number, otherwise you can still subscribe to our services but missing the program advantages.

How to start?

Simply register by filling the form, and continue the registration process, your account manager will contact you for completing and activating your account, your program benefits will be redeemed during the subscription if you are eligible.

What are the costs of this service?

Our pricing is so transparent, you will pay a monthly subscription of AED 195 only (refuldable during the first month). Adding 2.95% on transactions value as payment gateway fees.

You may stop the subscription at any time you like.

Do you provide delivery services?

Yes, we do. We have delivery partners who will take care of all your delivery needs and for special prices.

Where does Walayem operate?

Walayem is a local business located in Abu Dhabi, we serve all the emirates, but as per the e-Empower program, Abu Dhabi businesses have special care and advantages

Can customers order through WhatsApp?

Of course, we thought of that too smile. You can share your menu through Whatsapp, Messenger or any other chatting or social media network.

How do I track customer orders?

Our technology ensures that whenever there is a new order, your phone will start ringing, shaking and dancing until you confirm the order smile. Well, we mean you will get, beside a detailed email, a notification on your phone, with every new order.

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