All home-made food in one place

Instead of junk food and commercial restaurants, Walayem app will help you order any kind of home made food, to be delivered to your home step, just by a click on your mobile.

Home Food Market

Walayem allows Chefs and food lovers to meet, connect and exchange benefits.

Online Kitchens

Chefs are able to create their brand in the form of a kitchen, including their national dishes

Discover HomeMade Foods

WIth Walayem, home food lovers will be able to find their preferred meals whereever they are and at any time.

Ranked Kitchens

Based on previous evaluation, you will be able to carefully choose your food cooker.

Orders Tracking

Beside the human support, Walayem helps you track your order in real time.

Party Meals

In cooperation with a big diversity of experienced chefs, Walayem serves big parties and occasion.

Create your Kitchen online now?

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